Ignore Grammar to Learn Spanish?

Is it possible to learn a language ignoring grammar? Why would anyone like to study grammar? Why is it so boring? Many people get put off by Spanish because of grammar, how can we get over this?

Grammar is the set of rules of the game. Whether you’re playing poker or tennis, living in a society or writing a song, we always have certain patterns to follow. That’s what grammar represents for a language.

And it’s not that we like rules too much, is it? Grammar is something difficult to understand as we do not think in grammar terms, we think in examples. When you learnt speaking you were not taught in a grammatical way, you just repeated until it made sense.

The reason for Grammar at schools

Most language teachers have studied plenty of grammar at university, and they understand the importance of it. Without grammar, books would be too much longer full of examples everywhere and that’s it. However; grammar can help us get concise books and a more accessible information… if you’re an expert.

But students keep asking questions to their teachers, questions that could only be answered using grammar terms which stress students out even more! And here’s the conflict then.

Humans and Grammar

If you’re not an expert, grammar is overwhelming and you don’t really need it to learn a foreign language. Humans have a sixth sense for languages, which I like to call intuition. We can decipher grammar rules just by using language structures repeatedly so we can repeat it the same way afterwards. But we cannot explain those rules in simple language.

So remember, grammar is easy to understand but difficult to explain.

Babies grammar

So how can babies learn a language without grammar? Just imitating the type of messages they hear and waiting for the interlocutor’s reaction. Do you want to know what you’re doing differently from babies? Read 5 things I do wrong and babies don’t. It is all about attitude really.

Adults pretend they are always in control of the situation, which is not true, and the false feeling of being in control makes them feel with enough self esteem to face daily tasks. When it comes to speaking a second language, that self esteem and the feeling of security disappears. As adults is not easy to cope with that.

Learn Spanish, or any other language effectively

Imitate nature so you can achieve what nature achieves.

You need security and self esteem, well in our classes you can get plenty of that. You will be given a set of the most common words used in any language both in English and Spanish. It is a mini dictionary without the handicaps you get from a traditional one, which is normally too much for a student and is more based on experts use.

You will be taught how to use that set of words in a mechanical way, and you’ll sound robotic and a bit strange, but everyone will understand you. We do not say the word equilibrium very often in spoken English, we’d use the word balance instead, so which one do you think it’s more important to learn?

Once we’ve mastered that, you will start speaking and communicating in a foreign language but with a limited set of resources, but it is just a matter of time for you to expand that knowledge with the proper practice.

As babies, you will not start speaking a perfect language but communicating simple messages only. Later on, once you become fluent with the system, you will create better and better chunks of language.

So we cannot forget grammar when studying a language, but we do not have to focus on it if a teacher guides you without you getting to know all the nuts and bolts… you just need results!



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