¿Necesitas ayuda con idiomas?

Lingua Franca está para hacerte la vida más fácil

Desde 2008 somos la Academia de Referencia de la zona y el único Centro Preparador Oficial Cambridge entre Estepona y San Pedro. Estamos en la Barriada de Cancelada en la calle peatonal del centro en un ambiente incomparable de pueblo costero con toda la esencia de la España tradicional

Ofrecemos clases presenciales y educación online para exámenes Cambridge

Do you need help with languages?

Lingua Franca is here for that only purpose

We are the reference Study Centre and the only Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre between Estepona and San Pedro. We are located in Cancelada town centre in a great traditional Spanish environment

26 Responses to

  1. Jeanie Todd says:

    I would like to have Spanish lessons at your school I Cancelada please.

  2. Kathryn quimby says:

    I would be interested in classes in csncelada

    • AFB says:

      Hi Kathryn, and welcome to Lingua Franca. Thank you for your interest. We will shortly contact you by email and let you know the details.

  3. Corrine Hart says:

    Evening its corrine.. i have not received your e mail yet ..

  4. Mariness says:

    Hi, we just moved here in Bel-air and I would like to have Spanish lessons with you. Can you please send me some details and the costs? Thank you and regards.

    • AFB says:

      Hi and thank you for your comment and interest in our courses. Someone from the school will contact you shortly and we hope to have you around learning and speaking Spanish soon!

  5. Walter Bruylant says:

    nous habitons Bel-Air et aimerions suivre des courts de espagnol.
    pouvez-vous nous donner de plus amples details ainsi que le cout

  6. Isabel says:

    Me gustaria aprender inglés cuanto y cuantas horas y dias.gracias

  7. Carolyn Wright says:

    Good morning I would be very interested in learning Spanish at your Cancelada school Carolyn

    • AFB says:

      Hi Carolyn, and thanks a lot for your interest in our courses! We will be very glad to have you here. You will soon receive all info to your personal email. Thanks a lot!

  8. Agustin says:

    Paco, no me deja login en la pagina web y no entiendo porque ,me podrias ayudar

  9. Rob Brown says:

    Hello, myself,!my wife and my 22 year old son have moved Spain in the last three months and we want to able to converse with the locals. How much are lessons for 3 people?

  10. Quiero aprender ingles nivel hosteleria quiero saber el precio vivo en marbella

  11. Jessica says:

    Me gustaría información para hacer clases online.Gracias

  12. Linda Macdonald says:

    My friends Caroline and Roy speak very highly of your Spanish course. I am finishing working full time 31 March and would like to learn to converse in Spanish (my vocabulary is limited). Please let me know what options there are as looking forward to starting the week of 5 April.


  13. Lynda says:

    Do you have homework classes?

    My daughter is in 1° Eso in Cancelada and is struggling with her school work. She speaks fluent Spanish.

    Thank you


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