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Are you feeling ignored in Spain?

You know you’re facing hard consequences when it comes to not speaking Spanish.

  • Getting a taxi seems an impossible task

  • Queuing in banks is very confusing in Spain

  • Mocking children passing by looking at you like maniacs

  • Job-hunting always end up in frustration because of the interview

  • Talking to your gardener or a handy person is a bit puff…

And studying Spanish is a hard thing to do… so why don’t you change the perspective?

If you are very beginner and a bit lazy this is your course. You will learn how to communicate effectively in Spanish in an easy-going environment and at your own pace

You will learn words on the go and you will simply ignore Grammar and focus on Communication

Have a cup of tea with us and discover how easy speaking can be

For reservations or further information, please contact us


43 Responses to Spanish

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  8. Jeni Obbard says:

    We have just moved to Albayalde Urbanization & are desperate to learn Spanish. Please would you email me the details of the 21 intensive course, price & next start date.
    We are interested in the classes at Cancelada, Mâlaga, Spain
    Many thanks Jeni

  9. sylwia raczkowski says:

    I would like to know if You are running some summer classes now.
    I am here untill 2 of August.
    My knowledge of Spanish is poor,so I am totally a begginer.

    Thank you in advance.


  10. Marie Daynes says:


    My 7 year old twins have just started at Cancelada school and are having trouble settling in as they know no Spanish.
    Do you do courses for children? Please let me know the times and the cost. Also is it possible for me to come along as well? I also am a beginner and would like to learn as well.


    • AFB says:

      Hi Marie,

      Thank you for your interest, we can surely assist you. Someone from the school will shortly contact you by email and let you know the details.

  11. Barrie Segal says:

    I am interested in your intensive course. I really need speaking practice. Can you please send me information on the intensive course and your other Spanish courses. I was recommended by Peter Kennedy.

    • AFB says:

      Hi Barrie, thank you for your interest and comment. You will shortly receive all the information in your mail inbox so you can start your classes immediately.

  12. victoria366 says:

    My husband and I have just moved to the area and will be here for 7 months. We are complete beginners getting by with Google Translate! Can you email me your course details and costs as well as rates for private lessons? Thank you!

    • AFB says:

      Hi Victoria, and thank you for your comment and interest in our courses. You will shortly receive an email with the full details of our courses.

  13. Maria says:

    Hi, this is Maria.
    I am going to travel to Spain in 4 weeks. I may be staying for a year or two to work thete. I want to learn how to communicate in Spanish and then practice more when I am there. Could you please email me the price and the details for an extension course if you have one that helps a beginner to start talking in Spanish in 4 weeks? That would be a miracle!

    • AFB says:

      Hi Maria, I will forward all information to you on your email.

      There are no miracles in learning a language, is a long and tedious process that has to be adapted to each individual. What we do is giving you the very basics for daily communication, not the full language obviously. However; enough to start. Communicative skills depend more on the students’ attitude and willingness to speak than anything else.

  14. Andrew says:

    Hello, can you send me your price list and details for your Spanish courses please. Thanks

  15. willybrennan13 says:

    Interested in doing a Spanish course in Cancelada in September, can you sent me details of your courses please?

  16. willybrennan13 says:

    Please can you give me details of intensive Spanish courses taking place in September?

  17. Jurate says:

    Hi Dear could you please contact me regarding begginer spanish course.Thank you.

    • AFB says:

      Hi and thank you for your interest in our courses, we are getting lots of queries lately and lots of new students are coming on board which is a great sign. You will hear from us soon.

  18. Robert says:

    Can u pls tell me what is the schedule for your courses?

    I am planning to relocate to Estepona region In February and would like to start a course asoon as possible

    Also what r your prices?

    Thank U

  19. Caroline says:

    Hi, my partner and I have had Spanish lessons in the UK and seem to know a lot of grammar, but have no confidence in speaking Spanish, can you help? Look forward to hearing from you!

  20. Sean says:

    I sm intetested in learning Spanish, I am a complete beginner. I would prefer a small group intensive course. Do you have any coursrs that are about to ? Please can you tell me how much it would cost ?
    Thank you,

  21. J Norris says:

    Could you tell me prices for 1 to 1 sessions.

  22. Clarissa says:

    Hello i want to learn spanish, can i try a lesson at your scool? I am just this week in cancelada and then back to germany.

    • AFB says:

      Hi Clarissa, of course you can try at our school, you will be delighted if you join us. You will receive all information privately through your email account, and we hope to see you around soon!

  23. Nada Petrova says:

    Hi, im interested in group classes of Spanish language in your school, 2 adults, nivel between A2-B1 (not sure). Could you please send me information about dates and prices? Thanks in advance, Nadia

  24. Dragos Moscu says:


    Can you send me some infos start dates, prices, levels etc.

    thank you

  25. Lynda Bell says:

    I live in cancelada and would like to learn Spanish. Please can you give me further details.
    Thank you

  26. Malcolm Evans says:

    I’m interested in a 3 week intensive course. I have a house in Aloha. Where are you based and what would be the cost of the course.
    Kind regards

    • AFB says:

      Thank you for your interest Malcolm. We will contact you shortly through your email and give you further information about the coming courses and we hope to see you around soon!


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