A great example of writing

Dear students, I am very proud to show you the work done by María Contreras, who is one of our future Cambridge PET candidate, and she will definitely try it soon.

The work consists on writing an essay of around 100 words, as we can find in the writing test. This one is particularly good and I have decided to make it public so the rest of the PET students can learn from it.

Please notice the structure of the essay, the use of vocabulary and verbs, and try to find one phrasal verb she used. PET examiners love to find phrasal verbs in your exams, so you should all study Unit 19 of your book.

Enjoy this magnificent piece:


English: Green Park Taken toward Piccadilly In last years, there were a lot of rubbish in the gardens of Green Park in Boston, USA. It is due to the pollution of the neighbourhood.

The mayor of Boston was very worried about that problem, so he decided to do a special day to clean up the park. In that day, people were planting trees and flowers because there were a little bit of plants. When people were working for two hours, a lorry arrived to the park with a lot of food. The mayor invited them to have lunch, free!

It was a very good day and many people participated in it. Today, Green Park is wonderful with many trees, flowers, birds… You should visit it if you are in Boston.

Did you like it? I think it’s great.The use of the vocabulary is very good, specially CLEAN-UP which is a phrasal verb and they are not easy.

But I think the best part of this essay is the organisation, with a proper introduction, a proper paragraph in the body which tells all the action, and a great conclusion.

However; this essay has not been corrected yet, and it is not perfect, so here’s an activity for all PET students. Please answer the following questions on the comments below.

1 What do you think about this essay?

2 Can you find any mistakes?

3 Between 1 and 10, what mark should María get for this essay?



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