The Perfect House

And we finally have the final essay, which was written by the youngest students and they did a terrific work talking about a perfect house, I would have never thought it was a good idea to have a shark in the swimming-pool!

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Everybody has a dream house. Some like chalets and other people like small houses. I want to tell you about my dream house.

In my perfect house, I have three bedrooms, a dining-room and a kitchen, two very big toilets with a spa and decorated with Picasso paintings, and two chimneys, a big living-room with a big TV and a cinema. I would like to have a squash court, a gym and a football pitch inside the house. I would have a play room with a Play Station, a ball pool, a playmobil police car, an X-Box, a Wii and Legos.

I want to have a big garden with flowers, a swimming-pool with a shark inside, and some trees. I want to have dogs, a zoo with birds. I want to have a terrace with a big table to eat out in the Summer. I want to have a trampoline in the garden. I want a garage for my two Maseratis and my three Lamborghinis. I want to have a park and a self-service restaurant, with a natural park and a ski station.

Celia says she would play football with Alex and Liam, and swim in the pool with the shark and the boys. Liam says he will play with a ball with the shark, and ski in his private ski-station. Alex says he will play football with the tiger in the zoo, he will play football with Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Casillas. Yasmin prefers to take the dogs for a walk in the natural park and play in the big garden. Lucia wants to jump in the trampoline with friends, and watch a film in the house cinema eating pop-corn.



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