This is the essay my youngest candidates have made. It is a wonderfult A2 level essay about the weather, enjoy!

Everybody has a favourite kind of weather; some prefer sunny weather, while others prefer cold weather.

There are so many types of weather conditions, and the majority of people like sunny weather. When it’s sunny I like going out and I love meeting my friends. Normal people don’t like rainy weather because it’s horrible and they don’t go anywhere, but others love the rain as you can stay indoors and watch films.

People wear t-shirts and sandals in sunny weather and they wear coats and boots in cold weather. We use umbrellas when it’s raining, so we don’t get wet. I prefer dark colours in my clothing when it’s raining because rain is boring so I wear boring clothes too, and they attract more heat.

You can have your opinion about weather, but you cannot change it.



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