After our previous post, the other PET class was not very happy, and they opted for making an essay which they claim is better than the other, what do you think?

Here’s the essay:

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

Do you know what kind of food you eat? You need a balance diet to be healthy, but we don’t really know what we eat, the majority of people eat fast food because it is quick but some of the fast food is healthy. People eat different food in other countries.

There two types of food, healthy and junk. Healthy food makes us feel good. However; junk food is normally faster. We need all kinds of nutrients in order to have a healthy diet, but junk food is delicious to some people.

Not everybody has the time to have a healthy diet because most people work a long time, but fast food isn’t usually healthy. If you don’t have the time you can prepare fast healthy food, like salad or rice. You should organize your day so you don’t eat junk food, even though you don’t have much free time.

There are different types of food in each country, so you can learn about other places’ culture with their food. In India, they eat spicy food like curry sauce, and people like ethnical food because they like to change their diet. In Spain for example, a lot of people eat pizza, which is from Italy. If you like ethnical food, you can go to different restaurants.

In conclusion, we can eat fast food and still be healthy, but remember that you have a balanced diet and you can sometimes eat different styles of food.


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