We have a very special post today, as the students of the adult class preparing for Cambridge PET (B1) have written a beautiful essay about sports. This can give all of us an idea about writing essays.

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Sport is very important in your life because it’s healthy for you. Some sports are fun, others are risky, practice them in group or alone but practice them regularly.

If you practice sport, your body will change. You become fit in the gym or playing with other people. When you practice sport and you have a healthy diet, you’ll be better physically. But you must practice regularly in order to notice the results.

There are many sports that need a strong mind, and a psychological training is needed for elite sports people. When you practice sport, your tension releases and you feel relaxed when you’ve finished. Everybody says that when you practice sport, you sleep better. Some sports don’t need a physical preparation, like chess, but they need mind preparation and practice.

There are many sports you can choose depending on your age, capacity or your likes. Some sports have risks, like climbing or bungee jumping, and others are safe like football or tennis. Team sports are very good for children, as they have to apply the rules of each game. You can practice sport indoor or outdoor too, but outdoor sports are more fun because you can see nature.

You have a wide range of sports to choose from, so you don’t really have an excuse for not practicing any of them.

Well, what’s your opinion about it? Please make a comment -especially if you didn’t come to the class- and let us know your impression.



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