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Fill in the correct adverb form (comparative or superlative) of the adjectives in brackets.

  • I speak English (fluent) _________________ now than last year.
  • She greeted me (polite) _________________  of all.
  • She smiled (happy) _________________ than before.
  • This girl dances (graceful) _________________ of all.
  • Could you write (clear) _________________ ?
  • Planes can fly (high) _________________ than birds.
  • He had an accident last year. Now, he drives (careful)  _________________ than before.
  • Jim can run (fast) _________________  than John.
  • Our team played (bad)  _________________ of all.
  • He worked (hard)  _________________ than ever before.
  • This class worked the (good) _________________.
  • Michael didn’t play as (good) _________________ as John.
  • Lingua Franca students speak English (good) _______________.

Repaso Ser y Estar

We are going to continue working our Grammar Gym and we are adding some new verbs in order to make our stories a bit more complex

Women Transparent Animated - Office Woman Cartoon Png Clipart (#1612812) -  PikPng

Nombre – Ella es Susana
Nacionalidad – Ella es portuguesa. Ella es de Portugal
Descripción – Ella es inteligente

Lugar – Ella está en Lisboa
Estado – Ella está contenta

GUSTAR – A ella le gusta el tenis (singular) / a ella le gustan los animales (plural)

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