21Spanish! School trip

There’s no better way to end an intensive course than going away and practice real Spanish with real peopleDSC_0401

Lingua Franca heads to monumental Ronda

I would like to thank my students for such a lovely course. The last 21Spanish! has been fantastic and I only hope I have been good enough teaching these ladies.

We met at 9 o’clock in Cancelada, our normal meeting time for the previous three weeks, and we head to Setenil de las Bodegas. We found the flee market there and got a glimpse of the town’s daily life.


We then headed to Ronda and enjoyed a wonderful weather and a wonderful city. The main purpose of the trip was to practice our new acquired Spanish skills in a real context, and I must say everybody did a wonderful job. Practice makes perfect and that’s the very best way to learn.


Click HERE for the Facebook pictures.



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