It doesn’t matter how much you know about a certain language, you will not speak that language until you break the ice and go for it… but you have to make it yourself.

Be Brave!

It is quite discouraging for me as a teacher to develop a system, to work very hard with my students and finally give them the tools for proper communication in a second language… and see they’re not using them.

It seems some people will never speak a language as they will never be brave enough to stand out of the crowd and yell to the world how much they know.

It all depends on you

Your teacher, the method, the school, life, the weather… absolutely nothing matters at all. It all depends on you. You have the key to success and failure, and only you make it happen.

You’re never too old

You can make it at any age, that’s not the problem. The only problem is the excuse you have in your mind.

You never know what’s to happen

You can win or lose, we will never know. What I can tell you is that lack of action will lead you nowhere different where you are now. Let fear not paralyze you.

We fear failure so much

Nothing was ever written mentioning how coward one was. Success and victory belong to those who risk and win… or not. What’s the worst that can happen if you make a mistake? Think of it, as it won’t be too much.




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