Group F – Class Thursday 3rd December

Classroom | Google for Education

Present Continuous for future plans
To Be + Verb –ing
My teacher is dying tomorrow
What are you drinking tomorrow?
I’m drinking Coca-Cola
What are your plans for the weekend?
I’m playing video-games / I’m watching TV /I am playing and studying./ She’s playing video-games / I’m playing video-games with my dad

Past Continuous
To Be + Verb –ing
My teacher was dying.

Present Perfect
Have / Has
+ Verb (Past Participle)
I have had soup
What have you eaten today?
I’ve eaten pasta / spaghetti / cookies / chicken / rice and sirloin / meatballs
Where has your mom travelled?
She has travelled to Dubai / Canada / Germany / Russia / Argentina / Italy

The dog has already slept. I haven’t slept yet.
I have already studied English today. I haven’t played football yet.
I haven’t studied yet. I have already played video-games
I have already played football. I haven’t been to the beach yet.
I haven’t eaten yet. I have already played basketball.
I haven’t read a book yet. I have already studied Mathematics divisions.

Past Simple

I went to the beach                        She played tennis
I didn’t go to the beach                 She didn’t play tennis
Did you go to the beach?              Did she play tennis?

I was sleeping siesta when the telephone rang.



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