B1 – Essays by students

In the preparation for the PET exam process, it is very important that students write essays. I have instructed some students to write about people they admire, and here’s the first essay.

This great work was written by Lucía Cabrera, and it is about the music band Auryn. I hope you enjoy it!

Auryn is a Spanish boyband formed in summer 2009. The band is formed
by Alvaro Gango, Blas Cantó, Carlos Marco, Dani Fernandez y David
Lafuente. They sing in English and Spanish.

This band began to be known in 2010 when they were in a tv show called
“Destino Eurovisión” for representing Spain in Eurovision but they
finished the competition 2nd with their song “Volver”. After that, they
did not perform and they did their first album “Endless Road 7058”
they had to do this album with their money because no record company
wanted to support them because they did not belive that a boyband in
Spain would work, but they proved that they were wrong and sold a lot
of this album.

After that a very important record company; Warner Music, supported them and
they did their second album “Anti Heroes” that is on sale in 2013
and they sold more albums than the other other album and began to be
more famous.

In 2014 is on sale “Circus Avenue” and their best concert the
Circus Avenue Night because the concert was in the Palacio de Deportes
de Madrid and they sold out, this was a dream for them. This year
they travelled to Mexico, Chile and Angertina to promote there and
now they have concerts there, another dream that they have always dreamt about.



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