B1 Essays by PET students – Anna Frank

This next essay is about Anna Frank, a well known survivor whose story inspired us all.

It was written by Jennifer Alcaraz.

Anna Frank was born in June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. It was the second daughter of Otto Frank and his wife Edith Hollander . His family fled the Nazis and move to the Netherlands in 1933 and when they were taken , she and with her family and four other people in a house in Amsterdam.

The March 12, 1945 , days before the end of the war victim died of typhus in the Bergen – Belsen.

Anna recorded her experiences and fears in a notebook with red covers . His diary, which hid during his detention, was published by her father, the only survivor of the family in 1947. Translated into over 55 languages ​​, it has been made ​​into a film , theatre , and has become a symbol of suffering low the power of the Nazis. Anna Frank has been chosen among the hundred most influential people of the twentieth century by Time magazine.



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