Más vídeos para niños!

Hola a todos! Como a los más pequeños de mis alumnos les encantan los vídeos que vemos en clase, vamos a ponerlos todos en la web para que así puedan verlos en casa.

Es muy importante que sigan practicando fuera de clase para que así aprendan mejor.

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Smoukahontas and the music of languages

Surprised? This woman is Smoukahontas, and she has really surprised me as she can imitate the sound of any language in the world, and she doesn’t need to know it! How is that possible? Click more… and you’ll discover it.

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Vídeos para niñ@s!

Queridos padres, he decidido colgar todos los vídeos que veo en clase con los niños (incluyendo los villancicos) para que así puedan estudiar durante las vacaciones mientras se divierten. Espero que no les molesten mucho con el karaoke!

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A great example of writing

Dear students, I am very proud to show you the work done by María Contreras, who is one of our future Cambridge PET candidate, and she will definitely try it soon.

The work consists on writing an essay of around 100 words, as we can find in the writing test. This one is particularly good and I have decided to make it public so the rest of the PET students can learn from it.

Please notice the structure of the essay, the use of vocabulary and verbs, and try to find one phrasal verb she used. PET examiners love to find phrasal verbs in your exams, so you should all study Unit 19 of your book.

Enjoy this magnificent piece:

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We have a very special post today, as the students of the adult class preparing for Cambridge PET (B1) have written a beautiful essay about sports. This can give all of us an idea about writing essays.

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