Spanish Meet Ups at El Paraíso Golf Club

We want to welcome everybody to our meet ups so… ¡BIENVENIDOS!

A different perspective on the language learning process

After so many years struggling we’ve learnt that what works best is doing nothing while using the language in an appropriate manner. How can we do that? simply having fun and making remarkable process without knowing you’re doing them.

Trust Paco…

I hope this new perspective doesn’t mess up with your thoughts too much, but anyway, it’s actually better if it does.

We are following a new process with the intention of making yourselves competent in Spanish using the necessary structures. I hope this presentation works for you and you trust this system.

You are basically going to let yourself go and forget you are learning, that’s when the process really begin. I will try to entertain you with stories, chatting about whatever you wish to talk and using the language in a relaxed environment.

The aim is not the perfect language, but communication


We use a 20% of a language 80% of the time. The rest is just about becoming an expert, so let’s start by learning the 20% of the Spanish language and we will see after that.

In order to achieve it please follow these instructions:

Behave like a Baby, because they are the only ones who can actually speak a language

Use the Indian structure for making sentences

Try not to translate when possible

Please take our survey and we will forward you a basic dictionary for getting by



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