The 5 keys for learning Spanish

Spanish is a fascinating language, one of the oldest in Europe, and the second most spoken one in the world just behind Chinese.

The language is increasing in some areas such as United States and it is becoming more and more important in social life, politics and culturally.

But many people struggle when learning it, here are some keys about that.

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1 – Thinking of my own speech

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It is virtually inevitable to compare a second language with out mother tongue while we are learning, but that’s a mistake that’s slowing you down.

Language grammar is like the set of rules of a sport, so you cannot play football with the set of rules designed for volleyball right? The same applies to language learning.

Spanish grammar is based on verb conjugation, meanwhile English relies on collocation. They are two opposite ways of doing the same stuff, and you have to get used to it just by using it.

We believe starting from the same concept helps very beginners, so we normally start teaching Spanish using a collocation system. But once that’s mastered, we move forward to doing things right.

2 – Fear of talking

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When it comes to using the language in a real context situation is when most people struggle. Speaking is a natural thing for people, but adults tend to rule every single life situation and will be reluctant to speaking.

Take babies for example, they are never ashamed of their language abilities. On the contrary, babies will try to use the language in any possible occasions and more specifically repeating all the new words and structures they learn.

Adults do just the opposite. Can’t you see it is virtually impossible to learn a language unless you start using it from the very first day?

3 – I am with stupid

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Adults tend to believe that people will think they’re stupid if they don’t use the appropriate Spanish in every situation.

Well, the truth is that when a learner struggles a bit at speaking, most native speakers will appreciate the effort and probably with their English was as good as your Spanish. So don’t freak out about that, it is just a thought.


4- I can isolate myself from those Spaniards

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Some people have lived in Spain for decades in British ghettos. They go to British managed business, they play golf with other Brits and they would only forgive a friendship with someone who’s not Spanish if they speak English only.

That’s not just a bit selfish or pretentious, but it shows how afraid some people are of even trying to learn. Then they justify themselves with excuses like ‘I only came here to play golf’ or ‘The Spanish speak English’.

The truth is all those who learn Spanish and communicate with us never regret. Socializing is something wonderful, and in addition to that, speaking the language of the country you live in has unlimited possibilities like calling a mechanic or getting a dentist appointment without help.

5 – I feel good

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When you can speak another language for the first time, the way you feel it’s just wonderful.

Even if it’s just a simple sentence like greeting or ordering in a bar, the achievement makes us feel happy.

That’s the feeling you have to focus on, not on the other way round. Forget about mistakes, making a fool of yourself or any other negative idea that comes to your mind.

Birds fly, people speak. It is the same thing you have been doing for years, but in a new way anybody can learn and master.

Speaking straight forward ideas and simple messages it’s simpler that you first thought, and it is just the way to start learning, so go for it!



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