Camden Town videos

Camden Town has the most famous market in the city of London. We are going to watch this series of videos from the British Council to check your understanding.

Video 1

camden 1Where are they?

What are they shopping?

How much money did Ashley lend Steve?

What happens with the money in the end?

Video 2

camden 2

Video 3

camden 3

What shops did Ashley visit?

What is Ashley’s shoes size?

Which shoes did she finally buy?

Which colour did Steve prefer?

Video 4

camden 4

Did you like the videos? I hope you did. You can answer the questions in the comments below. Activities will be corrected in the classroom.


2 thoughts on “Camden Town videos

  1. They are in camden town
    They are shopping a present
    She lend 50 quid

    She visit a shoe shops
    Size six
    She did buy the Black shoes
    He prefer the green colour


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