Curso 2015 / 2016

Ya estamos preparando el nuevo curso escolar 2015 / 2016! Parece que fue ayer, pero en Octubre vamos a iniciar nuestro noveno curso escolar, casi diez años intentando daros la mejor educación en Cancelada y recibiendo vuestro apoyo incondicional. Este año por primera vez la academia va a estar abierta durante todo el mes de Septiembre,Continue reading “Curso 2015 / 2016”


B1 Essays by students – The first car

And we finally present an essay about Karl Benz, and how he invented the car. This essay was written by Guille, and I hope you like it. Could you imagine a world where you have to travel walking everywhere? I wouldn´t be able.  For that reason, Karl Benz, an important german inventor, invented the first car in 1885. 130 years ago, everybody thought that it was the life, to travel walking or riding horses. Now nowbody  can imagine their lives without a car.  Nowadays; there are more than 1000 different cars and millions in our roads. Karl Benz  founded the Benz´s house and patented his invention.  He started to work selling construction materials and he got marry with Bertha Ringer.  They had five children.      The Benz Patent-Motorwagen, his first car, is exhibed in the Deutsches Museum in Germany now.  He died in 1929 when he was 84 years old.  Benz got the first driving license the 1st Agoust of 1888.         

B1 Essays by PET students – Anna Frank

This next essay is about Anna Frank, a well known survivor whose story inspired us all. It was written by Jennifer Alcaraz. Anna Frank was born in June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. It was the second daughter of Otto Frank and his wife Edith Hollander . His family fled the Nazis and move toContinue reading “B1 Essays by PET students – Anna Frank”

B1 – Essays by students

In the preparation for the PET exam process, it is very important that students write essays. I have instructed some students to write about people they admire, and here’s the first essay. This great work was written by Lucía Cabrera, and it is about the music band Auryn. I hope you enjoy it! Auryn isContinue reading “B1 – Essays by students”

Cowboys Vs Indians or how to learn Spanish in 21 days

Western movies were a great success in the Spain of the 60’s, not in vain many of them were shot in Almeria and they were allowed on the screens, which was something new as Franco didn’t quite like foreign films. With the indians in those movies we all learnt a new way of Spanish, theContinue reading “Cowboys Vs Indians or how to learn Spanish in 21 days”