I’m so tired…

ImageWe sometimes feel the need of study, or go to the gym, or do the washing-up… but we can’t get our asses off the sofa! Yes, we are lazy monkeys, we all are sometimes. Being tired can be the result of two different things really, being truly tired or boredome. I see both in my classes. Students are sometimes tired because they haven’t got much sleep, or they’ve been working so hard they can’t even keep their eyes open. But the majority of times somebody yawns in a class I am looking at a bored person!

Being bored is totally natural, it is a physical body response to something uninteresting. You cannot escape from the class, so you get more bored, and it goes on and on… forever! Stop it! If you are bored, you don’t like what you are doing, or how you are doing it, change it! Being bored is just a consequence of something that is happening deeper in you, and it’s not good at all. Being bored makes you feel tired and unresponsive at the same time. If you really want to learn, that is not an option. If you are forced to stay in the class, you are just a prisioner.

Yes, we all know those days in which you are not up to, and I can perfectly understand. There is not need to blame anyone, tomorrow will be a different day and you won’t feel like today. However; many people get addicted to this sensation and they are always bored, even when they’re doing whatever they like the most. There are some tips you can take for this.

Body language

Your facial expressions and your body tell much more than what you think. When we feel happy to normally relax our limbs, we stretch back our shoulders and have a happy smile on our faces. When we are not happy, we shrink, our body tries to implode getting smaller, you get nervous and start playing with your jumper sleeves… those are the physical responses.

Well, something you might have not heard before, it works both ways. You normally strecht you shoulders back leaving your chest unprotected when you are happy, and if you stretch your shoulders back when you are not happy, you have more changes to change your mood! 🙂 No kidding.

Language itself

An average student humming, grunting and looking down: “Oh what shitty day” “I don’t want to be here” “I was so comfortable in bed” “My life sucks, I suck, everything sucks!” “It’s so difficult!”

If you only see a negative side of the issue, the Dormant Giant who does not differ reality from fiction will think there is only a negative side. You must refer to what you are doing as something good, as if you were doing the very best anyone has ever done it. If you don’t get the expected results, keep on working with a huge smile on your face, your mood will change right when you start working and start smiling.

Mood is just a reflection of our thoughts, it is very curious how deppression doesn’t exist in the poorest countries of the world. I am not disminishing the huge impact of that mental desease, but we can always be happy even though things might be a bit crap. Get a smile at the devil if necessary, but be happy!

Being static

This is very simple, you always have two options, you do it, or you don’t do it. You build up a habit either way. You don’t do it, you build up the habit of not doing things, which is how majority of students who fail normally feel. But you do it, and do it, and do it no matter what and no matter how and success is yours! You build up the habit of doing it and you will start moving on to reach your goal.

So, basically, this post wants you to move your ass now, no excuses, no worries, no nothing… just do it!



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