Hablar como los Indios

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The aim for this activity is to reduce the language to its minimum and start communicating the easiest way. We can pick up the words straight away from the columns and make our own sentences.


If you combine the dictionary with the most important words in Spanish with this system there’s nothing you can’t express if you’re given enough time. Let’s work on that…

Write these sentences in Spanish (don’t overthink just apply the structure and use a dictionary)

1. I play golf every day
2. We sleep in cheap hotels
3. Spaniards are very noisy!
4. She has a very beautiful house in the mountains
5. Spanish is easy


Spanish and Portuguese are the only modern languages which have TWO verbs for the concept of To Be, which is only one in most languages. This is something that drives many speakers crazy and even the most advanced students struggle with this. But don’t worry! if you confuse them, Spaniards can still understand you.

We will use the verb SER to express who we are and to describe ourselves. We use ESTAR to express how we feel (it’s a state!) and where we are.

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Hola, yo SER Manolo. Yo SER español
Yo SER joven y guapo. Yo no SER muy alto
Yo SER de Córdoba

Yo ESTAR muy bien
Yo ESTAR en Málaga
Yo no ESTAR interesado en la televisión
Yo TENER 35 (treinta y cinco) años

You can try to introduce yourself just like Manolo. You can use a dictionary. Please notice we use the verb TENER (have) to express our age!

You can now use these two verbs to say where you are, who you are with, describe places, people or whatever, they’re very useful!


We are going to learn 10 (diez) words Spanish people use a lot and they can be quite difficult to understand for beginners.

Vale – OK
Friolero – Sensitive to cold
Pues – Hmm, then, since, well…
Bueno – Similar to vale
Venga / Vamos – Come on
Mira – See, used for calling someone’s attention or to express surprise
Dígame – Tell me (used when we pick up the phone)
Perdón – Excuse me or sorry
Vergüenza ajena – to feel embarrassed about someone else
Madrugar – To wake up very early in the morning

Can you use them in a sentence?

Esto SER todo en nuestra primera clase de Español. SER muy importante PRACTICAR todo. ¡Hasta pronto!

3 thoughts on “Hablar como los Indios

  1. Pues, he madrugado esta mañana porque hoy es mi clase primera con Pablo. Yo pienso que no soy vago y he hecho mi deberes!

    Hasta el martes que viene y he disfrutado aprendiendo palabras nuevas.

    Un saludo


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