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Cowboys Vs Indians or how to learn Spanish in 21 days

Western movies were a great success in the Spain of the 60’s, not in vain many of them were shot in Almeria and they were allowed on the screens, which was something new as Franco didn’t quite like foreign films. … Continue reading

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As in a fairy tale, our mind has a giant monster sleeping inside. We rarely see him, but when he shows up, his power is so immense, he could destroy everything around. And as in fairy tales, most of the people … Continue reading

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Why English?

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B1, B2???? Qué hago??????

Mucha gente hoy en día se encuentra buscando trabajo o quiere terminar la universidad cuando de repente alguien le dice: “Necesitas tener el título de B1” ¿Y eso qué es? ¿Cómo lo hago?

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Ignore Grammar to Learn Spanish?

Is it possible to learn a language ignoring grammar? Why would anyone like to study grammar? Why is it so boring? Many people get put off by Spanish because of grammar, how can we get over this?

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